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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Noble Deeds of American Women


There is a huge variety amongst these tales, and perhaps these are not representative, but they are all intriguing as much for the behaviour of others in the story as the heroine.

Noble Deeds of American Women
by J Clement

  Fair was her face, and spotless was her mind,
  Where filial love with virgin sweetness joined.

The winter of 1783 was unusually severe, and the sufferings of the poor in the city of New York were very great. One family, consisting of the husband, wife and one daughter, were, on one occasion, reduced to the last stick of wood, and were wholly destitute of provisions. 

The daughter, who had thus far supported her aged and infirm parents by her industry, was out of work, and knew not what to do. At this juncture of affairs, she recollected that a dentist had advertised for sound fore-teeth, and offered three guineas a piece for all he was himself permitted to extract. 

In the midst of her grief, the generous girl suddenly brightened up, and hastened to the dentist's office. She made known the condition of her parents, and offered to dispose of all her fore-teeth on his terms. The dentist, instead of extracting a tooth, with tears in his eyes, placed in her hands ten guineas, and sent her, rejoicing, to the relief of her parents.


Noble Deeds of American Women by J. Clement

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